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–RELEASED 03/12/2015–

Sorcerer King Beta 5 is now available! See below for details on Remnant Champions, the quest system overhaul, and more:



  • Major Updates

    • Remnant Factions overhaul

      • Diplomacy UI available from World Report button

      • More quest variety

      • New Remnant Faction champions awarded when allied

        • Korthox the Ice Lord

        • Esperaza the Necromancer

        • Silindros the Avenger

        • Adam the Swamp Giant

        • Ifris the Engulfed

        • Giott the Crossbowman

        • Xii the Archon

      • Share sight of capital and units when allied

      • Insulting Remnant Factions more quickly results in them siding with the Sorcerer King

      • Battles against enemy Remnant Faction cities now involve their champion and an army of their units

      • Polish pass on quest writing

    • Quest system overhaul

      • Quests give armor and items more often (instead of usually just crafting ingredients)

      • New Quest art

      • More quests with secondary locations

      • Starting Quests that give initial goals and Sovereign XP bonuses

      • More intangible rewards (courage, cowardice, wisdom, etc.) and corresponding choice unlocks

      • Quests now play background ambience

      • Quest objective display is now smaller, so 3d location on map is visible

    • End Game Stats Screen

      • More detailed end game stats

      • History of past game stats

      • UI support for SK online stat site

    • Main Menu Reskin

      • New UI style throughout

      • New Sovereign images

    • Lot of new gameplay and visual variety in units

      • Ogre Warrior

      • Fire Drake

      • Ice Drake

      • Fire Warlock

      • Ice Warlock

      • Bandit Lord

      • Bandit Lord Rider

      • Bandit Raider

      • Bandit Archer Raider

      • Harzarene Spider

      • Rabid Wolf

      • Prowler

      • Tyrant Warg

      • Tyrant Thug

      • Tyrant Urxen

      • Tyrant Trog

      • Logistician

      • Imperial Bowman

  • UI improvements & additions

    • Crafting ingredients and items now grouped and sorted

    • World Report screen improved

      • Better organization of information

      • Quests descriptions consistently displayed

      • Quest ‘Go To’ button now works

    • City HUD now displays City Enchantments

    • Improved display of Enchantments List (so you don’t have to tooltip over everything)

    • Improved champion skill tree art

    • Cities and Outposts now red on clothmap (makes the reach of your Kingdom easier to see at-a-glance)

    • Tweaks and improvements to clothmap art

    • Added missing Frozen Realm clothmap art

    • Revised Remnant Faction descriptions and capital names to better match up with lore and shortened to fit in game UI.

    • Doomsday, SK Threat, intangible resources, and Sovereign Skill awards/penalties from quests now have clear icons

    • Improved descriptions on many units and items

    • UI art for tabs more prominently ‘clickable’

    • More unique art for city improvement icons

    • Single click to go from city list window to city

    • City Screen: added tooltips to food/production/essence displays

    • Moved notification assets to bottom right side of screen

    • Fixed a bunch of graphical/design issues with the help screen. streamlined it

    • Polar vortex ability icon added

    • Turn button notification for needing to choose a spell to research now says "Research Spell" instead of "Choose Spell"

  • Other New Content

    • Enchanted Lands now visible as magical trees on tiles

    • Lots of new sound FX

    • New particles and animations

      • Added new pikeman kill attack because everyone watching the stream pointed out that you don’t slash with a pike.

      • Unique idle animations for Pikemen, Battlemage, Keplin, and Knight

      • Explosive Shot has new particle

      • Archers have cast spell animation

      • Wild Drake has new idle animation hooked up

      • Rabid wolf is now properly setup to have particle inside its mouth

      • Air elemental summon particle adjusted to look correct

      • Added new awaken animation for emberling

      • Revision to the Warlock Hut particle.

      • Update to Ice Lords City particle.

    • New assets for Harvest Forest and Harvest mountain loot drops

    • Polish pass on random maps

    • More variance for Empire of Shadows areas

  • Misc features, balance, and additions

    • The player's 'Enchantment Slot' ability now defaults to 0, Sovereigns will have an early/mid game 'Enchanted Forge' ability that unlocks item Enchanting by boosting this ability to 1

    • SK balance

      • Sorcerer King units get more moves as the doomsday counter grows

      • If player threat is 0 and the player attacks an SK unit it will bring up a dialog warning them that this is an SK unit. If they say yes, Threat level increased to 1

      • SK units will now attack shards if they can't find a player unit or city that they can take out

      • Killing LT only increases threat by 1 instead of 2

      • Stronghold battles get significantly stronger as they level up

      • Attacking SK city increases threat by 1 instead of 2

      • Removed despair from SK unit

      • Buffed some of the SK higher units to be more beefy

      • Slightly reduced the number of SK max units

      • Fixed issue where SK garrisons were leaving and terrorizing the countryside

      • Beefed up SK forces when doomsday counter is >100

      • Reduced SK forces when threat level is 0

      • SK will on normal and lower diffculties no longer generally attack player if threat level is 0

      • At harder difficulties, threat level starts at 1

      • Number of monsters the player will face in the end battle is now affected by the DOomsday counter and world difficulty

    • Map Size adjustments

      • Tiny map size renamed to Arena

      • Tiny map size increased from 4 x 3 to 5x3

      • Small size map increased from 5 x 3 to 6 x 4

      • Medium size map increased from 6x4 to 7x5

      • Large size increased from 8x5 to 8 x 6

      • Huge size increased from 9x6 to 10x7

      • Changes made to map sizes because tiny maps were crazy hard

    • Better distribution of spells between spell books

    • Hunting Grounds now have 10 turn cooldown

    • If player loses a battle and they had a champion die, we now deduct a maximum of 25 doomsday points from the battle no matter how many champions fell. (was 10 doomsday per champion, and happened whether you lost or won)

    • Units that are weak to an elemental attack type (Fire, Ice, Lightning) will no longer be able to Resist a spell of that type

    • Previously the calculation for the prediction of a "flawless victory" tactical battle, was that you need to be 3x their battle rank AND their battle rank had to be lower than 15.  I removed that second check

    • High level cities now provide some logistics

    • Ceresa no longer gives out wraiths to allies

    • Full rebalancing of the crafting enhancement system (too many changes to list)

    • Changed "Other" to "Crafting Ingredients" label for inventory items

    • Increased goodie hut numbers

    • Eliminated annoying warning about running low on mana

    • Magic shrines now produce 5 instead of 4 magic

    • Flawless iron provides 1 defense, not 3 as an enhancement

    • Generally made recipes require more ingredients in order to balance the power level of the enhancements (lest everyone just crank out endless rings of defenses)

    • Reduced training time of Archon and Battle Mage from 500 to 300

    • Same for paladin

    • Removed "dodge missiles" from bandits as an ability

    • Nerfed the Nymph

    • Reduced some of the level up bonuses on units that are summoned

    • Magic is now referred to as Shards in world

    • Monster lairs can be within 2 tiles of each other now instead of 3

    • Doomsday increment from a shard being destroyed increased from 40 to 50

    • Harvest Shadow land cost increased from 5 to 15

    • Enhance land is now a universally available spell to research

    • Magic level determines shard count on a map (along with map size)

    • Monsters that are really close to your city are now likely to attack the city

    • City Details window now displays what level the city is

  • Bug Fixes

    • Major annoyance fixes

      • fogbugz 104202: fixed issues with unit path-planning (ex. enemy unit in the way on a road, you're trying to set a destination beyond him, would have to manually move around the enemy)

      • Ranger: Fixed "Quickfire" ability (rendering Archers useless)

      • Fixed gameplay issue where the player would be notified of the same unclaimed resources in their ZOC every turn.  Now, if they dismiss the notification (via right-clicking it), they will never be notified about that/those resources again.

      • Fixed Bug: "Player no longer has Reduce Doomsday spell."

    • Fixed issue with high DPI monitors displaying incorrect UI element size

    • Fixed unit images not showing up in Select Target prompt

    • Fixed incorrect display of production stats on city screen

    • Fixed incorrect display of magic stats on manage magic tooltip

    • Dwarf Lord: Fixed "Merciless Strength" to not stack post-battle

    • Fixed Items that give City Resources to be properly factored in from Stationed Units

    • Summons now play awakening particles properly

    • Map Generation: Terrain placed under rivers in the map editor is retained when stamps are placed

    • Map Generation: 'Beach Edge' tile is replaced with Grassland (all this is to make sure the stamps are placed as they are created)

    • Fixed Bug: "Tactical battle - Dark Wisp- Curse not removing defense"

    • Guardian Sovereign: Fixed Sniper to properly be unlocked via Bastion.

    • Fixed Bug: "Tactical ability - Naphaz - Deadly favor - stat mismatch" Now inflicts the proper HP cost

    • Fixed Bug "0.79 - Sovereign Ability - Betrayal - Not resetting threat level" - Now reduces threat

    • Fixed Bug: "Casting Inspiration with 0 Thralls Incorrectly Buffs Logistics"

    • Fixed Bug: "Bleed / Hobble still lands if the hit misses"

    • Fixed Bug: ".796 - Mibly/noble legacy burns spellcast at battle start"

    • Courage Spell now gives +5 HP and Spell Resist to ANY friendly unit (was limited to Champs)

    • Winter Wind text fixed to match the effects of the spell

    • Alphabetized the various lists (improvements, spells, items, etc) on the Help Screen.

    • 0.793 - Commander Tree - Healer's Guild - Description Doesn't Mention Improved Heal Rate

    • 0.793 - Commander Tree - Guild Master III

    • Arcane - Raise Skeleton (Not subtracting correctly)

    • Fixed Icon for "Amulet of Flames"

    • Fixed "Amulet of Souls" to no longer give a "130% off mana Costs" buff.

    • "Haunted  Army" spell can no longer be cast on water. It now has a slightly lower mana cost (25 from 30) and can only be cast on

    • Removed some Logistics prereqs for units that shouldn't have required Logistics (units given to you from the Minor Races)

    • Removed Casting Time and changed it to a 2 turn Charge Time (Trogs now have to wait 2 rounds before they can use 'Battle Cry').

    • Pyrebrand: Fixed to use the proper Shard tag in the calculation.

    • Fixed bug that prevented enchanting items if switching items during mid-enchantment process

    • Fixed bug that allowed stacking more than max enchantments of same type on items

    • Fixed bug in DXAtlasWin where force regen wasn't working

    • Fixed bug where selection cursor sometimes disappears

    • Fixed bug where Tactical Abilities couldn't be disabled via modifiers

    • Fixed daze particle from floating in the air

    • Ranger: Fix "Master Stealth" to work with unit stat

    • Keplin: Fixed "Swiftness" and "Greater Reflexes" abilities

    • Fixed bug where doomsday decrement bink would play when loading a game

    • Burst of fire ability now plays particle

    • Fixed bug where units got stuck between tiles

    • Tweaks to idle animationss to make them loop better

    • Added our standard button click soundfx to several screens where it was needed

    • Fix bug where Minor Races were being incorrectly placed on the borders of Pre-made maps

    • Fixed "Eternal Supply" to work as described. Now takes an Essence slot.

    • Cave Bear given the non-summon skin, hooked up to necessary goodie huts and starting units

    • Fixed bug where Unit Details Screen was not showing tactical unit's current health info, when in a tactical battle.

    • Remove 'Slow' as a default skill - Add effect to "Eight Eyes Hypnosis"

    • Fixed some Modifier code that was causing Mods to be applied 2 times

    • Quest Items should now show up properly as Quest Items in the Player Inventory.

    • Revised Remnant Faction Quests so that they properly remove Quest Items from the player's inventory when the Quest is completed.

    • Random event with SK now longer ends with a blank dialog

    • Crash fixes

      • Fixed a very common shutdown crash in the destruction code for the Main Game Window, identified by Steam crash reports.

      • GWG - old crafting item persists - add enchantment to non-existent item

      • Story-Teller Camera - Low Angle Rotate and Zoom

      • Quest lookup crash

      • Adjusted code to be more thread-safe in various places (player resources, city resources, unit stats) after investigating crash reports from QA

    • Tons of typo fixez

on Mar 11, 2015

There is just so much awesome in this post.  Looking forward to playing it.  

on Mar 11, 2015

Sounds great, can't wait to try it out. Things are progressing very nicely.

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on Mar 11, 2015

BOOM! This is awesome.

I don't' see anything about it here, but are some of the heroes' portraits in yet? That always gets me...


Trivial, I know.

on Mar 12, 2015

"Crafting ingredients and items now grouped and sorted"

I almost cried with relief!

on Mar 12, 2015

Joy. I feel joy.


on Mar 12, 2015

Larger download than usual.... must be a lot of good stuff!!

on Mar 12, 2015

This could be the bestest and awesomest change log in the history of change logs!! 

Very well done, folks!  Now that it looks like the game is going be delayed a few months, this will certainly ease the pain in the meantime!