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Published on December 3, 2004 By Frogboy In WinCustomize News

Here are the winners of the Fall WinCustomize WindowBlinds contest. These indicate the number of different subscribers who downloaded each skin. They share 5% of the revenue we collected during the contest time frame.

The winners are:

 1. WindowsMAX 2 Steve Grenier 845
 2. GT3 Tiggz 829
 3. TriAX brewman 529
 4. Fabre ^^Gabriel 439
 5. Skies adni18 405
 6. Carillon essorant 404
 7. Jarilo essorant 400
 8. CyberSkin adni18 389
 9. geo-Logic I.R. Brainiac 353
 10. Luster MikeB314




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on Dec 03, 2004
I Would like to offer my Congraulations,to all the winners.
on Dec 03, 2004
Well done and thank you to these 9 and the
other contributors.
on Dec 03, 2004
Congratulations to all winners and excellent stuff from everyone who entered.
on Dec 03, 2004
Congrats to everyone. Especially I.R. Im very glad you made the cut. You deserve it for being the boldest skinner "out there".
on Dec 03, 2004
Congrats, Mike!
on Dec 03, 2004
Way to go Tiggz! GT3 is awesome!
on Dec 03, 2004
Well I'm thrilled!Thank you Brad and WinCustomise.
With the power being shut off tomorrow,It sure is nice to get some good news. (yes,I lost my dang job )

Night Train,I really appreciate that. Thanks to anyone who dl'd my stuff.

I was impressed with the variety of skins produced.

TO Steve and Tiggs...I got some super glue ready for your mice.

So whats next Brad? (please hold off on a WMP contest till I can get back online )
on Dec 03, 2004

Congrats to all.....

on Dec 03, 2004
on Dec 04, 2004
Dudes, you all rock man.
Your work is just awsome, and that brings me back here day after day.
I have tried making a skin, but patience wears thin after a while, so kudos to you all.

many thanks for always making my day.
on Dec 04, 2004
Steve you really did it. I could never thought that a new person such as you could win. Really you made it.

Conrads man
I believe we have a new master artist now.........
on Dec 04, 2004
My congrats go out to Matt. GT3 is truly a masterpiece.
IMO, Matt was the clear winner .. no doubt about it.
It's unfortunate that the outcome was "manipulated" the way it was.
@Sir Black Xero ..... How did you come to the conclusion that
Steve is a "New Person"? Ever hear of Xero?

I have nothing against Steve's work. He did a nice job with his skin,
as did everyone else in the contest. The problem I had with Steve, was
his blatant desire to win this contest ... no matter what it took.

Oh well, enough ranting, my congrats go out to all the competitors.
on Dec 04, 2004
on Dec 04, 2004
Yes Black Xero, I'm not a new skinner. I used to go by the name Xero. (btw, you have a nice name)
on Dec 04, 2004
Congratulations to all You all did an outstanding job, keep em' coming
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