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Published on May 8, 2009 By Frogboy In GalCiv Journals


Finally upgraded our network here at Stardock. w00t!

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on May 08, 2009

Oh my.  Can you run one of those wires down here. 

on May 08, 2009

Nice, what did you get? Gigaman?

on May 08, 2009

Wow,  a Porshe in the house and a Porshe in your network. The fastest and furious staring Brad.

on May 08, 2009

Nice.  That should handle a bit of traffic.  [e digicons]:beer:[/e]  

on May 08, 2009

Nine deal if you can get it - <G>


on May 08, 2009

Holy shit....

on May 08, 2009

Why is the speed of light so slow in fiberwires you may ask...

All i know is that for MBs (server) to replace Kbs (workstation), distance & infrastructures must be in place.

I phoned in college results (in 1974!) on some tricky 300 bauds, i wished i had TBs transfer rates though.

Nothing like tackling multiple problems headon with solution, once or later.

on May 08, 2009

Oooops, i shall revise my evaluation;

6.15Mbs, 0.68Mbs, 15ms ping!

ISP or Laval, Québec?

[e digicons]B)[/e]

on May 08, 2009

YAY!  Now you can torrent all the games you want! [e digicons]x_x[/e]

on May 08, 2009


YAY!  Now you can torrent all the games you want!

ROTFL!  So it's Brad who's pirating Demigod afterall!  [e classic][/e]

on May 08, 2009

H O L Y   S H I T!!!

Please sir, may i have some more?

on May 09, 2009

Excellent links - them zero's keep being added .....

A decade ago it probably would have read along the lines of  119.93Kb/s and 32.70Kb/s

In another decade its probably going to read 119.93Pb/s and 32.70Pb/s

I've a feeling we are gonna miss out the Tb/s stage rofl

Wonderful and terrifying at the same time when you think on it.




on May 09, 2009

That's only ten times faster then my own connection

on May 10, 2009

I am not impressed.

on May 10, 2009

It's fully 100x my connection.


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