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The show in pictures...
Published on January 11, 2007 By Frogboy In CES 2007

And so another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has come to a close. What a show it was too. I think I'm ready to sleep for a week!

Here are some of the highlights...In Pictures!

Yahoo showed off their Windows Vista specific version of Yahoo Instant Messenger.


PowerUser.TV's Kristin Hatcher outside the Microsoft partner tent looks very interesting. You basically go on and can ask questions and see (hope) that someone has an answer. Similarly, you can also try to answer other people's questions and people will vote on the best answer.  Your questions are stored as part of your account so you can go back and look at them.  In some respects, it is like getting help on Usenet taken to the next level. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen.



Microsoft really pushed their Home Server solution. It's designed to let your various home computers work together.


Microsoft IPTV looked very interesting as well.


Crysis, a new game for Windows Vista looked absolutely incredible. I've never seen a first person shooter look as good as this.


CES is huge and was packed.


LG was showing off appliances that will let users use both HD DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs on the same drive (either a computer or for your living room).


LG was also showing a real live 3D monitor. No special glasses. If you were looking straight on on it, it really did look 3D!


The 100 inch LCD monitor. I need


Infocus showed their impressive SP777. A high-definition digital projector. It was incredibly impressive in action. It can do a 5000 to 1 contrast ratio. Uses the DarkChip(TM) with 3 DLP processors.

Samsung has this really cool little music player.

You can see all the CES coverage from this year plus the latest happenings with Windows Vista here at

As for me, I'm going to sleep for a week as soon as things calm down..

on Jan 11, 2007
Looks like you all saw some really interesting stuff.  I have a feeling this is going to be an exciting year.

on Jan 11, 2007

Hey, I thought you were going to re-touch that photo so I looked good!

I'm very glad I had the chance to go to CES and see so much cool new technology. I am glad to be back home, though. Talk about bone weary!

on Jan 11, 2007
Speaking of photo retouching, I think some more practice behind the camera is needed hehe
on Jan 11, 2007
Some really nice stuff there. It is going to be one of the most of the most this year too!
Did anyone buy anything !

on Jan 12, 2007
Where are the booth babe pictures?
on Jan 13, 2007
Yeah, booth babes!!