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Published on January 7, 2007 By Frogboy In CES 2007

AMD/ATI are showing off their latest goodies for Windows Vista along with their plans for a "true" Quadcore.

Intel's Quadcore is basically two DualCores taped together into a single chip.  AMD is working on a quadcore where each core is truly independent and has a single large shared cache.

They also talked a lot about OCUR which will become publicly announced in its final form in a few hours.

on Jan 07, 2007
AMD needs to get something released; Intel has had the performance lead for too long now, the balance must be restored. After all if it weren’t for AMD we’d all be waiting to shell out $1200 for the delayed Christmas release of the new P4.

I don’t need more than one pc and one of its uses is a source for my home hi-fi system witch I have invested a small fortune in. With Vista apparently degrading and disabling outputs that aren’t secure if it detects any premium content, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading to Vista anytime soon.

I admit I only know this from what others tell me but disabling SPDIF outputs if it detects premium content would really suck for me. What have you heard about this?