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Make sharing a net connection easy
Published on January 7, 2007 By Frogboy In CES 2007

Fun with USB flash drives

One of the neat demos Microsoft gave was how easy it is in Windows Vista to share a network connection. If you have a net connection, you can plug in a USB key and you can turn it into a quasi-wireless share device. Then hand it over to other people and once they plug in that USB key, the auto-run on it will set up the network connection automatically.

You could imagine how easy that would make getting a LAN game going or something. You could share connections under XP, but it was a lot more tedious. This, by contrast, was incredibly easy.

on Jan 07, 2007
Very cool feature. It's the little things like that that are going t make me want to switch over. I wonder if the settings created on Vista will work with XP as the secondary?
on Jan 07, 2007

I have always had trouble with this on XP.  This sounds like a great feature, and I hope it works as well as it sounds.