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Published on March 30, 2006 By Frogboy In WinCustomize News

Famed icon artist Paul Boyer (Mormegil) has completed his latest icon masterpiece. And holy cow is the final version incredible!

The Apogee premium icon suite includes over 200 unique icons in 15 different color variations.  Each icon supports every major (and minor) icon size from 16x16 all the way up to 256x256. 

The attention to detail on each icon is beyond compare.  With native support for the new Windows Vista icon format, Apogee will not only work great on your Windows XP system today but it'll be ready for Windows Vista as well.  Each icon has also been designed so that it looks good at different resolutions. At 256x256, the icons are good enough to be used as clip-art (for private use) and yet still are recognizable and crisp at 16x16.

The Apogee suite is only $9.95 for new users. Object Desktop users can get it for $8.95.  Considering the sheer amount of content you get, this is probably the best skinning/theme/icon deal that's ever been released.

As good as the screenshot looks, they're even better once applied to your system. 

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on Mar 30, 2006
Paul, this is your best are very talented.....i know not many people who are as good as you....they rock...
on Mar 30, 2006
Excellent well worth the wait.
on Mar 30, 2006
There is absolutely no Iconsuite that can be compared to this one. I am glad the final version made it. This is a musthave for everyone who doesn't want that boring standard icons anymore.
on Mar 30, 2006
This icons look far more better than the standaard Vista icons. So there will be no Vista for awhile we have already the icons.... The Best Suite Till This Far
on Mar 30, 2006
Jafo smiles....
on Mar 30, 2006
The printer icon is possibly one of the best graphics I have seen to date. I never thought I would purchase an icon pack but here I go. .............I changed my mind about letting Paul in the GUI Champs. kiddddddiiiing........
on Mar 30, 2006
Just fabulous work Paul....5-STARS doesn't cover it!
on Mar 30, 2006
Well been waiting for this 1 to be finished and will buy after work today.
Looks really good - must say they are a true work of art...
Congrats Paul -
on Mar 30, 2006
Absolutely brilliant. Seriously Paul, these are fantastic. I have been using them constantly for a couple of months now, and don't see myself changing any time soon.
on Mar 30, 2006
Paul even made 'some' walls fitting the collection :

Now I feel like a little kid at xmas.
on Mar 30, 2006
absolutely worth every cent;a generous suite to be sure w all of the color options - & the sheer dynamics & overall styling do make the suite 'Le Must du WinCustomize' a la Mormegil
on Mar 30, 2006
Awesome! 10+ stars!
on Mar 30, 2006
Simply an amazing set of icons! Thank you for the update!
on Mar 30, 2006
i bought this suite few months ago, n i found there r few mismatching icons in one of the subpackage, i believe it's Apogee (Glass) the problem fixed now??

furthermore, i m wondering m i allowed to download a "revamped" version if that's any??
on Mar 30, 2006

The packs should all be correct, if you find anthing missmached please let me know and I will sort them out.

Yes you should be able to simply redownload the updated version and be good to go.

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