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February 21, 2019 by Frogboy
The Drath were first introduced in Galactic Civilizations II. But, the lore behind them was developed in the 1990s during the stories that would ultimately serve as the game's underpinnings.

Long ago, the Drath shared their world with the Altarians. They are, in effect, sentient dragons. They are very large, over 4 meters tall.  Physically the strongest of any civilization in the game, they actually have evolved into a subtle and cunning species since they were taken from Altaria by the ...
February 19, 2019 by Frogboy
The Korath make no bones about what they're about: Extermination.They were bred by the Drengin to be the elite shock troops of the empire.  Consider that -- the merciless Drengin Empire felt the need to breed a sub-species of Drengin who are even more brutal than they are.  Let's take a look at the Korath.The Korath are the only canon species in Galactic Civilizations to have the extermination trait. This trait gives them access to a special technology called Spore Weapons.  While...
February 14, 2019 by Frogboy
Tell us what you'd like to see us work on for Object Desktop this year.

New apps? Update existing apps? You let us know.
February 14, 2019 by Frogboy
The New TechnologiesRetribution makes the greatest changes to the technology tree since the original release of the game.  Moreover, many of those changes occur at the very start of the game as opposed to late game. Today, we'll walk you through some of the changes and why we made them.ColonizationThe most obvious change here is the study of artifacts. We will have an entire journal dedicated to artifacts.  But suffice to say, going up the artifact tree allows players to get more out o...
February 14, 2019 by Frogboy
My entire adult life has been dominated by 4X strategy games. Some periods have felt like the genre was in a bit of a rut. Other times (looking at Alpha Centauri and Distant Worlds) there are true moments of amazing innovation.

I can't go into specifics because of NDAs. But I can tell you that we're entering a new era for 4X and I thought I'd share with you why this is.

As some of you already know, my partner Soren's studio, Mohawk Games, is working on Ten Crowns which is a 4X game and...
February 12, 2019 by Frogboy
I have met God and he's a SlugSome believe that all living creatures have an elemental spark of divinity within themselves. In the case of the Tywom in the year 2246, that may literally be true.The Sun Sets on the Altarian EmpireOn Christmas eve of 2246, the TAS Omega arrived near the orbit of the Altarian Homeworld.The once powerful military of the haughty Altarians had been utterly crushed.  Not by humanity, but by the most unlikely of beings -- the Tywom.The humans had cooperated in the ...
February 7, 2019 by Frogboy
The last days of EarthThe year is 2245.  The galactic war has ended, with only three surviving civilizations of note. The aggressive Altarian Empire, the friendly yet oddly powerful Tywom, and of course, the Terran Alliance.We are very lucky that these space slugs like us.They are also very generous with their tech.The Altarians want to bring their ideology to the universe. It happens to be an ideology we don't share, and they have not been shy about using their military might to crush othe...
February 5, 2019 by Frogboy
The Age of WarThe year is 2243.  Earth has colonized three planets and met several alien civilizations.  It has made friends with a couple, and is at war with another.

Human space is connected by a set of Hypergates, which allow for supply ships from Earth to rapidly support the construction of critical infrastructure on these fledgling colonies. In turn, humanity's policies and culture have encouraged friendly migration from across the galaxy.

On the planet Athenia, an ancient a...
January 31, 2019 by Frogboy
January, 2242The year is 2242. Earth has tiny outposts across our solar system. On Earth, the ancient artifact found in Peru that was thought to have been built by the Mayans is now known to be a Precursor artifact that is designed to greatly enhance the empathy of those it is used on. 

Earth's first interstellar ship, the Discovery, commanded by Colonel Aaron Roberts, is assigned to travel to Alpha Centauri to see if there are any colonizable worlds there.  The trip will take 6...
January 30, 2019 by Frogboy
I spend a lot of time looking at the sales of PC games and we are quickly moving away from the traditional individual purchase model and towards subscription based platforms.

Fundamentally, most titles simply don’t generate enough sales to justify engineering support post release. This is a relatively new issue that will be interesting to see how it gets resolved by studios.

January 30, 2019 by Frogboy
It’s no secret forums have seen a serious decline in recent years versus social media. Which is a shame because social media is so impersonal.

I think this year I’m going to focus more time hanging out here.
January 29, 2019 by Frogboy
A new beginning

The story of Galactic Civilizations is the story of the future.  Our future. 

Galactic Civilizations III is actually our 6th edition that provides you with the framework to tell that story (we made 3 OS/2 versions back in the 1990s).

With each iteration, we get a little bit better at it. Sometimes, like when we change engines, it takes awhile to surpass where we were in previous editions.  For instance, the OS/2 version of Galactic Civilizations was, in mo...
January 23, 2019 by Frogboy

Sorry I have been so quiet lately on GalCiv stuff.  We've had our noses to the grindstone on the new expansion pack, GalCiv III: Retribution and we haven't had much time to come up for air.

I'll be sharing lots of stuff shortly now that things are starting to reach screen-shot worthiness.  For today, though, I want to just talk a bit about the background story that I built, over decades for Galactic Civilizations and why Retribution is so important from that perspectiv...
January 23, 2019 by Frogboy

Star Control has definitely been the most...dramatic franchise we've ever worked on.  No doubt the diabolical work of the Crimson Corporation indeed!

So what's next? What's happening?  Right now, we're working on Part 2 of Earth Rising which revolves around the Lexites.  You might ask, what is the process for creating these?  Well, broadly speaking it goes like this:General story.  What is the overall meaning for the story.Design up the quests for p...
January 23, 2019 by Frogboy

Lots of exciting things happening with Ashes of the Singularity.  With Star Control: Origins released, we've been able to give Ashes some new attention and I wanted to use this post to update you on where we are.

Engine porting

Under the game is the game engine which in Ashes 1.0 was pure Nitrous.  These days, we have taken the Nitrous engine and integrated all the cool stuff we've developed over the years (Game engine wise) to create a game-specific engine we call ...